Complete Case Study Preparation

Start date: 15 March 2021

The ICAEW Case Study Exam is different to the ICAEW exams you have taken so far. To date, your exams have primarily tested your knowledge. The Case Study Exam requires you to apply that knowledge in a business scenario. 

Our Complete Case Study Preparation course guides you through the fundamentals of how to approach the Case Study exam. You will cover what the examiners are looking for, understanding the marking key, and how to write an answer to gain the marks you need to attain your ACA. 

Once you have mastered our exam technique, you will work through the July 2021 Advance Information, develop your knowledge of the Case Study material, and refine your exam technique using 4 Mock Exams. These are based on the live AI and written using Neil’s expertise as the ex-Senior Examiner.

We guide and support you through every step, providing you with a structured approach to your exam preparation and a clear path to passing.

What's included?

With interactive video tutorials, downloads, text guidance and discussion opportunities, Neil uses his Case Study expertise to teach you our proven Exam Technique. Your preparation is in two parts: Mastering Case Study and the July 2021 Case Study Masterclass Tuition. We give you the knowledge, script writing skills, and confidence to show the examiner why you should qualify as an ACA.

  • In Mastering Case Study you will use the Scour Case Study to develop the fundamentals of your exam technique, and practise using Mock Exams with illustrative answers so that you understand what a passing script looks like

  • Analysis of the July 2021 Advance Information so that you understand the Case Study business as if it were your own

  • A guided walkthrough of our first Mock Exam based on the July 2021 AI to analyse each requirement, know what the examiner wants, create an appendix, extract the relevant information from the Exam Paper exhibits, plan your answer and write your script to a passing standard

  • 4 complete Mock Exams based on the July 2021 AI, 3 marked to ICAEW standards

  • Mock Exam results with detailed feedback on your exam performance

  • Structured progression and exclusive use of our forums to discuss your ideas with other students and your concerns with our tutors

  • A dynamic Masterclass process developed using our Mock Exams, ICAEW standard marking, your results feedback and guided reflection, and your mock exam data and questions

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