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11 December 2018

BM Results week…

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Results day for the ICAEW BM Case Study is nearly here (as if you hadn't noticed)

We'll be sitting refreshing our email / webpages at noon on Friday 14 December along with you - we are sent a limited public pass / credit list so would love to hear directly from you. Whether you were part of a Complete Classroom or Online programme, joined our Masterclasses via video or in person, made use of our AI Analysis and Mock Exams or simply followed this blog please do get in touch!

You can use our contact us page, or email directly info@training-by-eos.com. Those of you who were on a Complete programme have our number to reach us via WhatsApp, iMessage or Viber as you prefer. We are here to celebrate with you, and to advise if things have not gone your way - we'll be answering emails over the weekend. You can also call our expert team on 0845 519 6059 on Friday or next week if you'd like to talk about your options. Please pass on our contact details to your colleagues too; our July 2019 tuition is open for booking now.