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How our blog will help you pass the Case Study

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How to pass the Case Study in <100 words

19 September 2018

All you need to know about writing a passing script for the ICAEW Case Study exam.

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Understanding your Case Study Result

7 September 2018

Did you know we offer a free review service for your Case Study Marks Feedback? We started this review service because the Case Study is not marked out of 100 like the rest of the ACA exams and you need to understand what went wrong before your begin November preparation.

Neil at CAH2(blog)

Failed Sequin? Here’s what to do now.

4 September 2018

Have you read the ICAEW Case Study Examiners’ report on the July 2018 exam, Sequin Cinemas? Whether you are sitting Case Study for the first time or failed Sequin, it is full of useful information about what the examiners are looking for you to do, and not to do. We have summarised the key points for you, and shown those of you who were unsuccessful in July what to do next.